Taj writes across comedy and drama. Her favorite topics --- love and rage, friendships and family, intimacy & connection. She brings a wealth of life experience to the page. She is the head of Logo Network's documentary film division. She acquires and produces documentaries about the LGBT experience. ​Under her direction, ​the division ​won two consecutive​ Emmy​s, one ​in 2016 for the film, "Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine"​ and in 2017 for "Out of Iraq." ​While she fulfills her duties at the network, she writes during late nights and weekends.

​Her short film, A Fat Girl’s Guide to Yoga​, ​w​on​ NBC's Comedy Shorts Cuts Prize and the Audience​ ​Award​. ​"How to Live Big," a comedy inspired by the short, was a finalist in the BET/Urbanworld Screenwriting competition.  She has a travel blog​ and​ an essay about her Dad is included in Rebecca ​Walker’s celebrated anthology, "What Makes A Man: 21 Writers Imagine The Future".​  She's loves travel and has visited over 15 countries, including extended travel in the Caribbean, South Africa, Namibia, and Vietnam.