On Hiring Directors: “If people have credits and credibility is at a risk. The risk is in you changing your perceptions…In the work we’re doing we have to be honest. Are we looking at [a female director] and questioning her or do we look at that name and say, 'capable.'”

On Underrepresentation: "If women are 51%, who is the minority? Are people of color really minorities compared to white people in this country? That's simple mathematics. We're not minorities. We're underrepresented." 

On Inclusion: "Why do you assume that the person who is female cannot handle the responsibility of directing a film? Or can't put a camera on her shoulder just as well as the male DP can? What's that about? ​It comes down to this — give people a chance, give people of every background a chance."

On Rights for Transgender People: “You don’t get to deny them to access to healthcare just because you can’t understand them. You don’t have to individually understand a person in order to respect their right to be.”


​On Facing the Truth About Bias:  "The risk is in letting go of your long held beliefs and science shows holding onto beliefs is a part of identity. If you ask people to change their beliefs you're asking them to change who they fundamentally are. That's difficult."

On The Power of Story: "Storytelling is the laser into understanding people. Every time you hear a story  - moth stories on NPR to Oscar-nominated stories to some great stories in advertising - it’s all making you identify with other people and if you begin to identify with people you stop “other-ing” them. Othering is the human crisis."

On Finding Peace in Hollywood:  "There's the practical stuff - strive for excellence. Continue to grow. Continue in knowledge and wisdom but my main advice is to find a place where you belong that gives you a sense of wholeness and where you can be all yourself. That may or may not be within your circle of people in this business but find that place of belonging. It's not a touchy-feely response. This business is tough. Belonging will fortify you and make you resilient and you will need to be those things at any stage."